I started my career in the music industry around 1995, and before I knew it, I had been creating music with my friends for over 20 years. In 2003, we established ZIZZ STUDIO, a limited company (later changed to a corporation), and in 2010 we opened a studio capable of recording drums, and have continued to do so with the help of musicians who have shared our joys and sorrows.

 Since we are good at working as a team, we are able to produce works that exceed individual limits in terms of genre and deadline. Many of ZIZZ's friends are composers and arrangers who are also performers, and they are good at creating music based on their in-depth knowledge of musical instruments. You can also perform live performances without destroying the image of the original song. These things are the color of ZIZZ STUDIO's music.

It's not just with musicians that we value connections with people when creating music. We work hard every day to produce music that values the sound and services that our clients are looking for. Would you like to create music that will move your heart in a warm wooden studio that feels like a secret base? We are waiting for you with delicious freshly ground coffee.

                                      Representative Director Toshimichi Isoe

What is the music production group “ZIZZ”?

If I had to describe our company in one word, it would be "Musicians Guild."

In the field of content production, I think various needs will arise, such as wanting to create a work that matches a rock style, then creating a work that matches a jazz style, or creating a piece that has an ethnic style. Our strength is our ability to respond to a variety of genres.

We have connections with musicians from a variety of genres, including rock, pop, jazz, orchestral music, folk music, Japanese music (including gagaku, etc.), techno, and dance music. All of our musicians are active on the front lines, so please leave the quality to us.

The secret is that our representative started his career in the music industry.

Our friends who have been with us for 20 years are talented lyricists, composers, arrangers, singers, and performers. There is a strong community, including players of special instruments such as the shakuhachi. Since we have a large group of composers and arrangers who themselves play musical instruments, we are able to create authentic songs that are fully knowledgeable about the characteristics of musical instruments, and are also capable of live performances. We have our own studio where bands can record, and we not only perform and compose music, but also provide full-fledged recording, mixing, and mastering technology that determines the final sound by engineers who are active on major stages. We produce music. Of course, I am good at making music that actively incorporates live performance. The members of ZIZZ individually engage in a wide variety of activities, including performances, musical accompaniment, stage production, film production, and artist production, while continuing to create new music by leveraging their respective genres of expertise and being inspired by each other. We respond to a variety of needs, including music production and recording studios, as well as sound production and live support. Please feel free to contact us first.