Welcome to the official website of ZIZZ STUDIO.

We deliver carefully selected sounds from a recording studio that values the warmth of wood, allowing you to record every sound.

This is a portal site announcing the ZIZZ STUDIO 20th anniversary festival.

We will also be announcing 20th anniversary plans, so please support us! !


・In charge of original song lyrics and composition for the musical drama "Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-" (Toshimichi Isoe/Yoh Ohyama/Ikuko Ebata/Katuo Kawasumi/Getsuyo Shukujitsu)
・"BAR Stellar Abyss" Yoh Oyama/Toshimichi Isoe/xaki Music provided
・Kanako Ito "Original Songs Collection "Beginning"" released on 4/28!
・Kazuhiro Watanabe 25th anniversary album “Bad Babies”

Masatoshi Ono 30th commemorative original album “THE TIES OF AFFECTION” sound produced by Toshimichi Isoe
"Black Star-Theater Starless-" "Warera Sotoe" Lyrics: Katsuo Kawasumi / Composer: Ryoji Toyoda
"Your Majesty" "Shinsekai chitsujo" composed & arranged by Yoh Ohyama