Collaborating artist (TeamZIZZ)

いとうかなこ -Kanako Ito-

Born in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture

Started playing in a band in his hometown Utsunomiya when he was in high school. After appearing on the TV program "Ebisu Onsen" in 1996, he moved to Tokyo alone in 1998. In 2000, he met ZIZZ STUDIO, and in 2002, he made his debut as the theme song for the Nitroplus PC game "Kikoku Gai" Since then, he has focused on composing game theme songs, and has also released many original songs. We have been active as an indie unit since 2018, and will celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2022. We are active as the wind blows with the motto of "Going to all the festivals we are called to!"

生沢佑一 -Yuichi Ikuzawa-

At the age of 16, he made his debut on ``Saturday Afternoon Rock'n'Roll'' as Dan Tomoya. After that, she moved to LA after working in her band. After returning to Japan, he changed his name to Yuichi Ikuzawa and released Summertime and Love Is Over. In 1992, he started TWINZER. His second single ``Oh Shiny Days'' became a big hit and was used as his commercial song for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Five Mini, making him well known nationwide.

In April 2015, he was in charge of King Cream Soda's ZZROCK for the theme song "Geragerapo no Uta" of "Yokai Watch" broadcast on TV Tokyo anime, and was featured in the "65th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen". In April 2015, he released his own composition, ``Hitoki Tsuki Nagara.'' It was used as a JTCM song, and former NMB48 member Aya Yamamoto sang it in the commercial, attracting attention. On February 20, 2020, he held his restart live "Reunion" and continues to energetically challenge new styles that have never been seen before.

Affiliated artist

-Kazuhiro Watanabe-

Born in Tokyo, raised in Yokohama.

He is a singer-songwriter.

He sings songs that passionately appeal to the heart.

In addition to singing as an artist, she also actively provides music for games, anime, etc. as a writer.

He is good at writing lyrics in English and Japanese.

In recent years, she has been actively posting on YouTube.

江幡育子 -Ikuko Ebata-

Once you hear her straightforward singing voice, you won't be able to leave your ears! (Perfect for CM songs 💛)

He made his major debut with a band called "Manicure Dan" (Pony Canyon). Your child will sing with their favorite anime voice.

At ZIZZ STUDIO, I am a chaotic person who is mainly in charge of the progression and writing lyrics, but also starts doing temporary songs, choruses, a little gaya, and composing and writing when I feel like it.

Books: “Oyako no doubutsu Uranai” “Doubutsu Uranai Red” (Shogakukan)

When it comes to writing lyrics, I love Latin and classical style.

As part of his personal hobby (under the name Ultrasonic Kaiju Evercon), he broadcasts live every day as a VTuber.

A playgirl who thrives on creative activities. Are you planning to become a sage soon?

南陽姫 -Haruki Minami-

A girl raised by a Bengal tiger that Toshimichi Isoe, the representative of ZIZZ STUDIO, a secret society founded in 2003 to save the world through music, happened to come across while staying in East Senegal. Her eyes capture the hearts of those who see her, and her singing voice never leaves her memory. She didn't speak human language until she was 16 years old, and after intense training at the ZIZZ Tiger's Ana Japan branch, she finally made her debut this spring. ZIZZ Isoe's interesting word, and he burns with passion every day. Her range of activities is not limited to her singing; she is also an actor, illustrator, designer (under the name "South Yohime"), and works hard every day with the motto "I'll do it all if I can."

The singing voice of ZIZZ STUDIO's secret final weapon "Haruki Minami" is now turning the world into rainbow colors! ! ! Go! ! Don't even leave any bones behind! ! !